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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 15, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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nbc 10 breakinging ins. people staying at a nearby hotel have been evacuated. decision day for voters in five key states. hundreds of delegates are up for grabs in primary which is could make or break some of the presidential candidates. the rain is gone. but it's still misty and roads are still wet. 4:00 a.m., good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. let's get right to meteorologist sheena parveen, get an update on the misty morning out there. >> it's one of those mornings where you can't really have an umbrella but you need your wind shield wipers on. it is misty.
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we have low clouds around right now, in someç areas it appearso be fog. there is rain to our south in parts of virginia. still an early rain chance. it will be better this afternoon than it was yesterday afternoon. visibility, again, it's not too bad. around 2 1/2 miles, that's about one of the lowest points, some areas seeing two miles visibility. that's not dense fog. you will start notice when you start driving this morning. it is still misty and chilly this morning. this afternoon we'll be warmer. at least that will be good. by 9:00, that's our best chance for showers. i would say in between about 7:00 and 10:00 a.m. by 11:00 a.m., already around 50 degrees. we'll be warming more than we were yesterday. the best chance of showers is this morning, this afternoon will be drier. we'll take a closer look at the forecast an a warmup in the forecast and more rain chances coming up. let's get a check of the roads
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with jessica boyington. >> we're watching the schuylkill expressway right now. this is right around girard avenue. no problems except where you can see some of the roadways are wet still. so that might be a slippery drive for you if you're heading up during the next couple of minutes. eastbound drive time from the blue route to the vine street expressway, a 13-minute trip. average speeds are still in the 60s. no big problems or delays. if you're just outside of center city, there is utility work closing 34th street between walnut street and spruce. we'll keep you updated on when that opens back up. route 202, no problems, 11 minutes from route 30 to the schuylkill expressway. now to that breaking news out of delaware county. a diner is on fire in chester. nbc 10's katy zachry just got live on scene. she's getting new information for us. katy, what do you know? >> tracy, we're along edgemont
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in chester. this is the grape leaf diner, formerly the sunrise diner. it's adjacent to thisç day's i. not long ago, a fire broke out at this diner and the fire and threatening smoke forced the evacuation of the adjacent day's inn. i've been told by the guests staying at the day's inn, they were told to leave their rooms but they can stay in the lobby and overhang here. the firefighters are more in a relaxed mode than they were at the height of the firefighting. they're still attracting hot spots but it is a much better scene than it was earlier when this fire broke out. they do seem to have it under control.
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i talked with paramedics on scene and there have been no injuries reported. that's the good news, considering all of the people you have as a part of this with the adjacent hotel. we have another crew getting information from the fire chief and people who were forced to evacuate from their hotel rooms. i'll have that coming up for you in about 25 minutes. reporting live in chester, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. philadelphia police blame a dui driver for crashing into a patrol car. the officer was not hurt but the driver of the vehicle went to the hop with injuries. this happened near 95 south near academy road. we're still trying to find out about any charges. four minutes past 4:00. 46 degrees outside. now to decision 2016. welcome to another super tuesday. today's primaries will be key in deciding the presidential race. voters in five states will go to the polls. hundreds of delegates are up for
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grabs. the biggest are in florida and ohio. matt delucia is here with a closer look at the candidates and where the races are headed. >> donald trump is in the driver's seat after a weekend of controversy overç protests and violence at his rallies. the billionaire businessman is poised to grab more delegates. florida is pretty much a lock. in ohio, trump is battling john kasich down to the wire. >> if you go to your doctor and he tells you it's over, it's just done, you're done. you're going to be dead in three weeks, doesn't matter, get out tomorrow and vote. >> ohio governor john kasich said he'll get out of the republican race if he loses his home state to trump. analysts expect marco rubio to do the same if florida also goes trump's way. >> i don't think there's anyone in the history of american politics that compares to the vulgarity of a donald trump candidacy. >> the polling shows cruz, kasich and rubio trailing trump
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by double digits in florida. hillary clinton could move closer with wins today but bernie sanders is looking for more upsets like the one he pulled in michigan last week. >> i proudly stood with the workers. secretary clinton stood with the big money interests. >> we have the way forward to be able to start talking about not only unifying the democratic party but unifying our country. >> analysts say unless sanders wins big today, clinton will maintain or increase her lead in delegates. how big are the races today? i spoke with the folks at the national constitution center where the headed to the white house exhibit is under way. that local analysis coming up at 4:30. >> you can stay on top of the latest decision 2016 developments by downloading the nbc 10 app. use it to find the latest primary results, delegate counts and information about upcoming contests.
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new jersey governor chris christie is taking heat for where he was and what he was doing during a funeral for a state trooper. yesterday, the governor was campaigning in north carolina at about the time mourners attend a funeral mass for sean cullen in cinnaminson. theç president of the state trooper's fraternal association accused christie of what he called selfish political opportunityism. neither christie nor his office would comment. "the new york daily news" is also blasting the governor. septa will hold its third public meeting for the king of prussia rail project. septa wants to hear from people on its planned extension of the norristown high speed line. the route would bring trains to and from the king of prussia mall, valley forge casino, hotels and business centers. the new service is at least ten years away.
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4:07. a father is explaining what it was like to discover his mini van was stolen with his 4-month-old baby inside. this morning, the baby is safe at home but yesterday, this father feared what would happen to his baby boy. kareem moore left his mini van running and 4-month-old son in the back seat to make a quick stop at a west philadelphia corner store. when he came outside, the vehicle and his baby were gone. >> came outside, i was holding the bags and i just dropped them. everything flushed down out of me. >> he borrowed the phone of a store worker, texts his phone and the person actually text him back and told him where to find the baby on a corner street. police released this mug
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house of steven simminger yesterday. police tell us he was walking by his victim, and someone in the group made fun of simminger's new jersey devils cap, sparking a fight. simminger is accused of pulling out a nave and stabbing the person in the stomach. from our lehigh valley bureau, environmental teens are containing a paint spill in northampton county. red paint leaked from a pipe at a plant in fork township yesterday. the paint flowed into a nearby creek. the environmental crews placed boones in the water to contain that spill. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, we're not seeing the rain this morning like we were yesterday morning but we have some fog around and it's misty outside. you'll need the windshield wipers this morning.
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an umbrella probably won't help you with the mist that's around, maybe just a hood on your jacket. the clouds will be hanging around, it's not going to be a beautiful day but at least we have a warming trend in the forecast. that continues until wednesday. before the week is over, more rain chances in the forecast, so keep that umbrella handy all week long. visibility-wise, nothing dense. nothing to where i think it will cause problems. we are seeing areas where we have less than two miles visibility in coatesville, 2 1/2 in philadelphia and pottstown, 2 1/2-mile visibility in mount holly, 2 in atlantic city. in allentown, low clouds and cloudy skies, overcast, 45 degrees. atlantic city coming in in the mid-40s. a nasty start to your morning. we'll see better improvement through the afternoon. right now we're at the mid-to-low 40s. the rest of the airy in south jersey and delaware, about the
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mid-40s. the cloud cover will hang around through most of the day. at the moment we're not looking at a rainy commute. in the next several hours we could see some of the showers moving in to south jersey and delaware. this is future weather. temperatures remaining mostly in the 40s by 7:00 a.m. &háhp &hc% of cape may, through parts of delaware within showers moving in by 7:00 this morning. by 10:00 this morning, we could still see light showers moving into south jersey and delaware and we go into the afternoon and we're drier. the clouds will hang around. temperatures will be closer to 60 degrees as we go through the day. we start that warming trend today. that continues tomorrow. we should be so degrees warmer than today. early clouds, fog around today, at least this morning. we have a chance of a shower this morning, too. highs around 60 agrees through the afternoon. we'll take a look at our seven-day forecast and the next rain chances coming up. 11 minutes past 4:00.
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let's check your misty and maybe foggy ride to work. a look at 95. jessica boyington has that. >> we are watching 95 around cottman avenue right now. you can see flashing lights behind me. police activity. we have ongoing construction here. the off ramp from 95 northbound to cottman avenue is now closed. the construction is supposed to be there until about 5:00 this morning. the northbound traffic still moving through. that will cause some delays for drivers this morning. again, 95 southbound around aramingo avenue and 95 northbound around girard avenue, those off ramps are also closed. that was cottman from 95 northbound. the drive times are still doing okay. southbound is where we normally will see that delay in the morning time but not yet. southbound from woodhaven road to the vine, only a 14-minute trip. mass transit running on time with no delays so far for the morning. septa, patco, d.a.r.t., new jersey transit or amtrak, you're good to go. an animal killer is on the
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loose in delaware. the victim, a flock of white geese. also next, back behind bars. find out why the man who made headlines for naming his son after hitler is now under arrest.
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4:15 and 46 degrees outside. new from overnight, three chicago police officers are shot and a suspect is dead. police tell us the officers are part of a narcotics tactical team. they were watching a drug deal in an alley. when they moved in to confront the pair, the men opened fire. one officer shot and killed one of the shooters. the second guy got away. all three officers are expected to survive. meantime, family and friends
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in maryland and delaware county are mourning the loss of a police officer killed in an ambush at his police station. now we've learned it was friendly fire that took the officer's life. nbc 10's vai sikahema is live in the digital operations center with the details. >> officer first class jacai colson died sunday during a gun battle in prince george's county, maryland. one man opened fire while his two brothers videotaped the attack. the police chief says colson who worked in narcotics was in street clothes and was not wearing a bulletproof vest. >> it was his actions that allowed officers to take a position where they could intervene and neutralize the threat. >> colson was accidentally shot and killed by one of the officers trying to stop the gunman. the suspected gunman and his two brothers will be charged with
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second agreement and attempted murder. officer colson graduated in 2005 from chichester high school. he was a member of the student counsel and also an athlete. >> just an a-1 student ab academically, socially, his personality electrified the classrooms and it's really -- it was like a punch in the stomach this morning when i got the news. >> colson followed hisç grandfather's footsteps and decided to enter law enforcement. the day before colson was killed he and a friend celebrated their four-year anniversary as police officers and also this thursday would have been officer colson's 29th birthday. live in the digital operations center, vai sikahema, nbc 10 news. today michigan's governor will face questions from congress about the water crisis in flint. governor rick snider is scheduled to testify at a house committee hearing. the penalty is investigating what went wrong and what's being done to help the people there
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and fix the problem. flint switched its water source in 2014 to save money. officials say the water was not treated properly. a north jersey man known as the nazi dad is in jail this morning. police in bucks county arrested heath campbell last week. this is video of campbell from a court appearance last year. he's facing aggravated assault charges following a domestic incident last october. he made headlines in 2009 when he asked a supermark tote make a cake for his son with the title happy leather day hitler. the custodian accused of stealing a pilot's gun at philadelphia international airport is charged with theft and is being named. police have identified the kus tonian as victor sheard. when he realized the mistake, he told police and air marshals
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which led to flight delays. sheard took the bag from the rest room and put it in a custodial closet at the airport. the accident happened early yesterday morning in kansas. eight train cars derailed, four cars ended up on their side. at least 32 people were hurt, some critically. >> felt a jolt. we stopped in a big hurry, a lot of brake smoke. >> it startedç tipping over. you could see people falling. they were going around like rag dogs. like a nightmare come true. >> one government source says the engineer noticed a bend in the rail and hit the brakes just before the derailment. the cause of the derailment remains under investigation. it's unclear if speed, maintenance or weather played a role. from our delaware bureau, the hunt is on for a driver who ran over dozens of geese in sussex county.
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witness nick lank tells us he was driving behind a black chevy blazer on saturday night in lewes. he said all of a sudden, the driver intentionally ran off the road and ran over a flock of snow geese. >> i wasn't going to put other people's lives in jeopardy for something it's not my responsibility to do. >> lank has now taken to social media hoping someone with information will come forward. so far, no suspects have been named. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, this morning, we're dealing with misty conditions, so when you walk outside, the umbrella is not going to do much. as you start driving you'll probably need the wind shield wipers. fog around low clouds. otherwise that mist is something you'll notice as you're driving. we have a warming trend, too, starting with today. we'll be about ten degrees warmer than yesterday. tomorrow will be ten degrees warmer than today. improving conditions.
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but before the week is over, we'll keep all those rain chances in the forecast. low clouds looking at center city and the visibility is not too bad. we're not looking at dense fog. there's fog out there. 2 1/2-mile visibility in philadelphia. 46 degrees. it feels like 42. with the mist and temperatures, it's a chilly, nasty start to the day. 42 in pottstown, west chester, mid-40s wilmington, mostly mid-40s through most of south jersey and delaware. as we go through the afternoon we'll be warming to 60 degrees. clouds will hang around. at leastç we're not going to s rain through the afternoon. visibility through the rest of the area. the lowest is coatesville, just under two miles. now we're looking at wildwood, about a mile and a half in atlantic city. areas will keep dropping. most of us just seeing the low clouds around. here's a look at satellite, low clouds through the area, the clouds will stay locked in this afternoon. rain to our south, too. that's moving into parts of maryland. some of that i think will move into delaware and new jersey as
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we go through the morning. take a look at future weather by about 7:00, 8:00, delaware dealing with rain. that will move into south jersey by about 9:00, 10:00. not through the afternoon. we start to see better improvements. temperatures topping out around 60 degrees. we take a look at the rest of the rain chances this week coming up. >> let's take a look at 422 at 4:22. how about that, jessica boyington? >> we couldn't have planned that better ourselves, tracy. good morning. 422 around trooper road, no problems or backups. a slippery drive on some of the roads. we still have an eastbound drive time from 29 to the schuylkill expressway, right here, that's only an eight-minute trip. trooper road is in here, everything looks great there as well. also, police are out and about directing traffic around 95 at edgemont avenue, blocking that from an earlier building fire.
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the drive times are still okay. 95 northbound from naamans road to the blue route, back and forth around the airport as well. 4:23. we continue to follow breaking news from chester where firefighters have a two-alarm diner fire under control. it started just before 3:00 this morning at the former sunrise diner. it's attached to a motel nearby and guests were evacuated from their rooms into the lobby. no reports of any injuries. we'll take you back to get new information@=5t scene in our next half hour. change is coming to businesses and employees at the jersey shore. plans are in the works to up the minimum wage which means more cash for workers. but their raise could end up costing you more money. ahead in the next half hour, nutter's new role. find out where philadelphia's former mayor will be this spring and what he'll be doing.
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4:26. from our jersey shore bureau, come november it will be up to new jersey voters if casinos can be built outside of atlantic city. two new casinos will be on the ballot for approval. opponents say the money could put some of the eight casinos in atlantic city out of business. from our delaware bureau, delaware state university is slashing nearly two dozen degree programs in a move to increase school revenue. the programs are being deactivated because of a lack of participation. 76 courses in 23 degree fields are being eliminated. the program cuts will go into
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effect in the upcoming fall semester. the move is expected to save the school close to a million dollars by 2020. no staff layoffs are expected. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> here's a live look outside philadelphia international airport. and it is a little bet out there. we're not seeing rain around right now but we have a chance for a few showers this morning. it is misty and we have fog in the area. i'll show you the details on your forecast today an a warming trend. that's coming up. let's get a check of the roads with jessica boyington. thanks, sheena. we're watching voorhees, new road. krogh can see underneath the lights that there are wetness on the roadways. be careful when heading out the door. we'll check in with center city when i come back at 4:30. and terrifying encounter. next at 4:30, recognize this person? police in chester county say whoever wore this mask did much more than scare a woman.
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nbc 10 breaking news. a fire investigation is under way after flames burned through a diner in chester. it's now under control. but an adjacent hotel was evacuated. winner take all. hundreds of delegates are up for grabs in primaries in five key states today. depending on the outcome, the number of candidates could narrow. terrifying encount. a woman in chester county saw this when she woke up in her bedroom. now police need your help in catching a masked home invader. 4:30 and 46 degrees outside. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. let's find out about the weather outside. misty to start your


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